Resistant to chemicals, solvent-free, binary coating based on special epoxy resins/polyamine compounds. Because of its integrated specifications profile, it is used for coating floors in places where resistance to chemicals is necessary, for example workshops and workplaces, warehouses.


A special material based on polyurethane resins, which is suitable for coating concrete floors both indoors and outdoors. The material is waterproof, it has excellent resistance to mechanical stress and high resistance to abrasion. Suitable for parking lots, slippery roads and industrial floors.


It is advised to use an acrylic resin coating system if it is necessary to coat the floor without production interruption. Acrylic floors harden within a few hours and are resistant to chemicals, especially to acid-containing substances. Especially suitable for places with high floor quality requirements, for example, food industry, office buildings, as well as for installing industrial floors with a high resistance to abrasion, waterproofness and hygiene.


There are 2 types of hardeners: Dry shake hardener, which is applied to freshly-laid concrete surfaces with a special dry shake technique and gives several technical and practical advantages. Surface to be processed: concrete floor, square, balcony, ramp, etc. The coating is very dense if applied correctly, the surface is smooth, permanent - resistant to quick wear, abrasion and shock loads, does not absorb dirt, easy to clean. These (dry shake) coatings are available in different colours, therefore they are not only technically but also visually appealing, as they can also be applied in residential and public spaces. They also have the hygiene certificate which permits this material to be used in food manufacturing, logistics and consummation places.

Liquid chemical processing of a concrete floor is performed on an already built concrete floor, by saturating and strengthening the concrete surface. Old concrete floors and walls may be processed with this material as well.